Four Important Points Of Game Chair


As more and more people recognize e-sports, game loving […]

As more and more people recognize e-sports, game loving players are pursuing more comprehensive E-sports peripherals, and a high-end comfortable E-sports chair is the standard configuration for high-end players. But at present, the market is full of inferior brand E-sports chairs. They copy the brand E-sports chairs on the appearance, but they really can't compliment on the quality. Many players suffer from blood loss because they don't understand the product points of E-sports chairs. Specially sorted out the four key information that must be paid attention to when buying the e-sports chair, otherwise the loss of money is good, causing personal loss is the most terrible!


1.five claws

At present, there are three kinds of five claw materials: steel, nylon and aluminum alloy. In terms of cost, aluminum alloy > nylon > steel, however, the materials used for each brand are different, and it can not be arbitrarily said that aluminum alloy materials must be better than steel. When purchasing, it depends on whether the five claw tube wall material is solid. The five claw material of the electric competition chair will be much wider and stronger than the ordinary computer chair. The five claw bearing capacity of the brand electric competition chair can basically reach more than one ton, which can meet the needs of all users. If it is too thin or the five claw material is insufficient, the static load-bearing is basically no problem, but the instantaneous load-bearing is poor, and the durability will be poor.



A lot of people say, why buy the electric chair? The cushions of the electric racing chair are so hard that they are not as comfortable as the sofa.

In fact, because the sofa is too soft, sitting on it, the support of the body's center of gravity is not stable. Users often move their bodies intentionally or unintentionally to seek new balance and stability of the body. Therefore, sitting on the sofa for a long time will make people feel back pain, fatigue and fatigue, and damage the gluteal nerve.

And the electric racing chair, generally will use a whole set of sponge, suitable for long-term sitting.

There are basically two types of sponges: primary sponge and regenerated sponge; set sponge and ordinary sponge.

Recycled sponge is the recycling of industrial waste. It has peculiar smell and may contain harmful substances, which is harmful to human health. Poor sense of sitting, prone to collapse. Generally speaking, the market is very cheap chairs, using recycled sponge.

Original sponge: a whole sponge, environmental protection and sanitation, soft and comfortable, good sitting feeling.

Stereotyped sponge: Generally speaking, ordinary computer chairs seldom use stereotyped sponge, only some brand E-sports chairs can use it. The cost of setting sponge is higher. It needs to open mold and form in one. The density and resilience of setting sponge are greatly improved compared with non setting sponge, and it is more durable. Generally speaking, the higher the density of the chair, the better the resilience and the more comfortable the sitting feeling. The sponge density of ordinary electric racing chair is 30kg / m3, and the density of brand electric racing chair like Aofeng is often more than 45kg / m3.

When choosing the electric racing chair, it is recommended to choose the high-density original shaping sponge.


3.overall framework

A good electric racing chair generally adopts the integrated steel frame technology, which can comprehensively improve the service life and load-bearing performance of the chair. At the same time, it will do piano paint maintenance for the skeleton to avoid rust affecting the service life.

There are basically three kinds of cushion frames on the market: engineering board, rubber strip and steel frame. As we all know, engineering board is a secondary synthesis, with poor load-bearing, and also contains substances harmful to the body. Some cheap electric racing chairs basically use this kind of board. A little bit better will use the green rubber band, the rubber band can have some rebound, sitting on the chair will feel more soft. But this kind of adhesive strip can not play a reinforcement role, and it is easy to deform after long-term use, which affects the service life.

The higher the cost is, the whole cushion is reinforced with steel bars, which is more balanced, and the bearing capacity of the cushion is greatly improved



Unlike the ordinary chair, the electric racing chair is generally high back, which can share the gravity from the lower part of the spine; the ergonomic curve design of the chair back can make the body contour fit naturally. The weight on the back of the spine and the back of the thigh is properly distributed to the seat and the back of the chair, so as to minimize the discomfort at the pressure point.

Generally speaking, at present, the electric racing chair backrest on the market is made of PU material. The advantage of this material is that it feels comfortable and looks high-grade. The disadvantage is that it is impermeable, Pu is easy to hydrolyze after encountering water, which leads to PU skin cracking easily.

In order to make up for this shortage, many electric racing chairs will make some upgrades in the materials, and cover the Pu with a protective film, that is, the hydrolysis resistant PU. Or PVC composite semi Pu is used. The upper layer of PVC is covered with PU, which is impermeable and has a long service life. At the same time, Pu is covered, which is softer and more comfortable than ordinary PVC. The current market has three levels: one year, two years and three years. Generally, brand E-sports chairs will use three levels.

If you want to choose the electric racing chair made of PU material, you must choose the fabric resistant to hydrolysis.

However, no matter how good Pu fabric is in terms of air permeability, it is not as good as mesh. The manufacturer will also introduce mesh material, which is not afraid of sultry in summer. Compared with the ordinary mesh computer chair, it is also more tensile and soft. In the preparation process, it is more detailed, and it is also equipped with flame-retardant materials and so on.


All in all, when you buy an e-racing chair, you must carefully study its page description

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