It Is Imperative To Own A Custom Gaming Computer Desk


Do you feel tired during long gaming sessions? Do you h […]

Do you feel tired during long gaming sessions? Do you have a comfortable gaming experience? Let us take a look at the custom gaming computer desk.

According to experts, a general desktop should not exceed 70 cm in height. Therefore, when playing games, you need a reasonable desktop height to ensure your comfort in playing games.

If your gaming computer table is unreasonably designed, you are likely to be affected by diseases such as back pain, neck muscle fatigue or strain, hand tenosynovitis, and decreased vision.

A survey provided by the labor health department shows that from 1996 to 1998, the Beijing Institute of Occupational Disease Prevention and Control conducted relevant investigations on the telecommunications industry, television stations, newspapers, laser phototypesetting workshops, and computer operators for three consecutive years. 30% The left and right respondents suffer from cervical-wrist syndrome to varying degrees, and their vision is generally reduced. Therefore, a suitable computer desk is very important!

Research and investigation found that the height of the desk, computer desk, or keyboard and mouse should be as high as or slightly lower than the elbow of a person in a sitting position. And the top of the display should not be higher than the eye level of the sitting position, otherwise it will cause vision loss.

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