Onsun Gaming Chair has Seven Ergonomic Designs


Today we take a look at the characteristics of ergonomi […]

Today we take a look at the characteristics of ergonomic gaming chairs.

Using high-density native sponge ≥45kg per cubic meter, it has high resilience. Under normal use, it will not deform or collapse even after sitting for a long time. It wraps the hips and legs without compressing it, and has a high degree of comfort. The overall frame is also made of finely polished stainless steel. Through mechanical bending, the bearing capacity and service life are greatly improved.

In addition, the overall shape of this gaming chair is also extremely good, with seven ergonomic designs, the most easily tired back part is extremely fitting, and it can also be used for 180° reclining operations, whether it is work or a nap, it is extremely comfortable of.

Seven ergonomic designs of Onsun Gaming Chair:

1. Back support Streamlined backrest design, good wrapping, fits the body shape;

2. Lean back within 180° and lie flat;

3. Ergonomic soft-faced armrest, which can be raised and lowered, and fits the curve of the arm deeply;

4. 360° arbitrary rotation, turn as you want, freely;

5. The well-designed lifting rod can be customized according to body shape and needs;

6. Customized waist pillow pillow, detachable design;

7. The seat can be adjusted to the most comfortable 135° with one pull, and the foot pad can be used to exert force, and you can enjoy the free and easy function.

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