What is A Good Ergonomic Chair?


A good ergonomic chair can keep people away from backac […]

A good ergonomic chair can keep people away from backaches and work more comfortably and efficiently. When choosing a good office chair, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1.The backrest of the chair

The backrest is usually divided into a high backrest and a low backrest according to the height. The high-back type is very suitable for those who spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair. It is comfortable to sit up and easily relieves physical stress. Although the price tends to be higher, it is also recommended for workers who want to have a comfortable chair. The low-back type is very suitable for use in small offices. In terms of its comfort, it is not as good as the high-back type, but the price is generally cheaper. The backrest generally has an adjustment function.

(1) The backrest is tilted backward, which is the function of most office chairs. When tilting backward, only the backrest can tilt backward.

(2) The backrest and cushion are adjusted. The backrest and cushion are connected together. When tilted backward, they can work together and bend at the same angle.

(3) The backrest and cushion can move independently at an appropriate angle, and the functions are often found in expensive ergonomic chairs.

2.The fabric of the chair

The fabric of the chair generally has two types: mesh and leather:

(1) Mesh material, which has good air permeability and is not easy to get stuffy compared with other materials.

(2) Artificial leather (PVC leather, PU leather), genuine leather, etc. Leather is resistant to dirt and friction, easy to clean, but has poor heat resistance. Generally, leather has the best texture, and PU leather has a better feel and quality than PVC leather.

3.The cushion of the chair

The cushion should be made of native sponge. The original sponge cushion has three advantages: non-synthetic sponge, harmless to the human body; good elasticity; good air permeability. After all, the cushion is the part that PP directly touches, and it is more appropriate to choose a higher-priced original sponge.

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