What Should Be Paid Attention to When Choosing PU Office Chairs?


Everyone knows that PU office chairs are very comfortab […]

Everyone knows that PU office chairs are very comfortable. Next, I will introduce the points that should be paid attention to when choosing an office chair:

1. The depth of PU office chair

On more formal occasions, people sit more upright. To sit upright, you need to sit in a shallower position in front of the chair. If you are at home, people will be more relaxed, this situation cannot be done deeper. Therefore, you should sit down first when buying, and try the depth of the whole body when you are seated to know whether it meets office needs.

2. The height of the chair leg

This is related to the length of the user's feet. Of course, except for high chairs like bar chairs, the seat height of general chairs is not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have people with short stature, it should be considered.

3. The height of the PU armrest

When sitting, if you are accustomed to hanging your hands, you may choose an office chair with lower or no armrests; but if you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the office chair, then the armrest is higher and the seat surface is deeper The chair is probably the best choice.

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