Will The Mesh Office Chair Cushion Compress The Blood Vessels and Nerves of The Thigh?


It is not reasonable to make the cushion very soft or u […]

It is not reasonable to make the cushion very soft or use a suspended mesh cushion. This can only be said to be in pursuit of a "look comfortable", but in fact, in daily use, we will gradually pay attention to rationality and scientificity.

The matching of the height of the mesh office chairs and the height is an important factor, so I won’t repeat it. Now I will only talk about the seat design related to the pressure distribution of the contact surface. As far as the seat surface is concerned, a good seat surface does not allow the pressure on the contact surface to be evenly distributed, but to be distributed reasonably.

Sciatic Nerve Combining these three pictures will understand that there are coccyxes, sciatic bones, and muscles behind the hips and thighs that are in contact with the seat surface and are compressed by gravity. There are lower limb arteries. They have their own functions, bone weight bearing, muscle buffering, vascular nutrition, nerve perception, and their pressure tolerance capabilities are also different. Sitting in a sitting position, most of the body's weight should be mainly supported by the ischia and the adipose tissue around it.

Overly soft and suspended mesh-type seating surface will significantly cause pressure homogenization, causing continuous pressure on the lower thighs and perineum, which should not have been under excessive pressure, while compressing densely distributed nerves. Affect blood circulation. "It will be very uncomfortable to sit for a long time," it is also natural. For example, very soft sofas and office chairs with very thick and soft sponge cushions should be avoided. A good seat design should not only consider the shape of the human buttocks, breathability and comfort, but also take into account the reasonable distribution of skeletal muscle and soft tissue pressure. Its material selection should consider not only softness and sufficient elasticity, but also a certain surface tension to avoid local compression of nerves.

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